Are Cheap and Affordable Websites the Same?

In an IKEA shop, a sweet and callow couple turned up with high hopes of buying a mattress for their new found family. But on realising that their desired mattress is out of their budget they decided to leave but on the shop assistant’s lure that the mattress comes with a free mink blanket, they were put in a quandary as to whether buy it or leave it be. The ‘free’ was too alluring for their naive minds that they finally decided to buy it. What they fail to realise is that the very idea of ‘cheap’ doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good or will require your needs/wants.

Even in an immense growing e-commerce world cheap websites can seem enticing and a path to step into the world of e-commerce. To be in the world means you need to have an online presence which is vital for a business growth especially the small businesses, hence it becomes important to have an identity, a face so as to promote a brand, a product or services.

The thing that really makes the delineation between cheap and affordable websites is that cheap websites which are extremely cheap lacks in the quality which on the other hand is the most vital aspect for an e-commerce growth. Cheap websites lack the constant updated credentials and the vast majority of the micro-businesses that use cheap websites use out-of-date technology with no CMS which obstructs them from posting pictures, photos and testimonials which are rudimentary to have a business growing. A lot of the times, users before installing an app or being part of a particular family website go through testimonials that give them the insight into how the app, site is. The testimonies given are like us all,’ users’ and what better source to rely than the one of us. Studies have also revealed that a vast majority of the users are most likely and likely to check out websites that are appealing to the eyes and contents that are good to the mind.

Cheap websites also puts the users risks of being lured into hidden fees and the use of their ability of additional ‘add-ons’ that will pilfer your money. Hence, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry and go with something that you can have profound trust and also one that will not drain your pocket.

The most primary example of affordable website is the WordPress, a noun so well-known to all the online marketers. It is an open source content management system and will help build your desired website at an affordable rate. This affordable web host is easy to use, always constantly updated, known globally and provide the most vital of tools, the SEO’s which will help you be a part of the race. Hence it is better to take advantage of an affordable gift and have a website that are professionally designed websites, have good contents drawing on more users.

A good affordable website is one that is always user friendly meaning it should be compatible on web browsers as well as mobile devices, since the latter is one that is acquired by almost every individual having a mobile-supported website will tremendously help in your growth. Thousands of websites are discarded and becomes of no use because they cannot be in pace with the growing e-commerce world. To be in a world of e-commerce means to be a part of the race.

Article by Pramendra Yadav 

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